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SITE: Blue Linx Site at Sawmill Development – North of Natural History Museum, South of Flamenco Institute 


LAND: Sawmill Community Land Trust – Owns the 2.5 acre plot of land, to be leased long-term


DEVELOPER: Chad Rennaker, Palindrome Communities – Based in Portland, Oregon, Palindrome is the developer of existing housing and the Ponderosa Brewery at the Sawmill Development as well as the recent El Vado redevelopment project in Albuquerque.


ARCHITECT: Olson Kundig – Based in Seattle, Washington, Olson Kundig is one of the leading architectural firms in the world, with a wealth of experience designing museums and cultural institutions across the country and the world.

CONSTRUCTION: Chad Rennaker, PacifiCap

ARTS CENTER MANAGEMENT: Sawmill Center Inc – the nonprofit organization which was formed as a support organization for 516 ARTS and The Outpost Performance Space, will own and manage the arts spaces.

HOUSING MANAGEMENT: PacifiCap – The housing units adjacent to the museum will be owned and managed by PacifiCap for Chad Rennaker.


FOOTPRINT: 76,000 square feet (32,00 sq ft arts center + 44,000 sq ft housing)

516 ARTS: 10,800 sq ft + Outpost: 10,800 sq ft + Sawmill Center, Inc./Community Spaces: 10,400 sq ft


TOTAL DEVELOPMENT COST: Construction, Architect, Permits, etc.

ARTS CENTER: $8,000,000 (funded by the Arts Center Capital Campaign)

HOUSING: $9,300,000 (funded by PacifiCap)

Total Development Cost ($8,000,000) + Equipment & Furnishings ($800,000) + Planning & Development ($500,000) + Reserve Fund ($500,000) + Contingency ($200,000) = $10,000,000


Naming Opportunities at the Sawmill Center for the Arts exist at many levels, from the [YOUR NAME HERE] Sawmill Center for the Arts, to the Visual or Performing Arts wings, to a myriad of specific spaces within the Center. Naming opportunities range from $4 million to $50,000. They include the following spaces, which are subject to change based on the architectural design process and which can be customized in conversation with contributors.

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 2.24.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 3.03.10 PM.png


After a competitive selection process, Olson Kundig was selected as the Center's architect. We are thrilled to bring the firm's talent, passion and expertise to this project. 

Internationally acclaimed

Unique aesthetic

Collaborative approach

Experience designing museums

Commitment to fundraise

“Our passion for this work stems from our belief that good architecture functions as an armature for creative exploration and enlivens the activities taking place within - the ultimate integration of design and craft.“

—Tom Kundig, Architect, Olson Kundig


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